Virtual Chief Information Security Officers

Full-Time Chief Information Security Officer

With the increased number of cyber-attacks on global systems, these professionals are a valuable and necessary asset. An alternative to an on-site full-time CISO is a virtual CISO (vCISO) that provides the same benefits but holds meetings and staff collaboration off-site.

vCISOs bring the same education, certifications, career background, knowledge and experience as a full-time CISO, but they’re contacted and available when needed to save on salary budgets. The way an organization utilizes a vCISO is completely up to the way business is run.

A vCISO is flexible with organization demands and can be available for consultant benefits based on the level of support required by IT staff.

CISOs in general can be used for advice, training, and day-to-day cyber security operations and much more. A virtual CISO offers the same benefits.

Best Practices & Traditional Framework

vCISOs are educated on best practices and traditional frameworks from common disaster recovery exercises to incident response procedures.

  • The vCISO will examine all potential risks to ascertain what’s required to secure the organization perimeter from cyberattacks.
  • Clear Threat Analysis Reporting ensures better understanding of what needs adjusting and where resources should be allocated and utilized for optimal cybersecurity.
  • Changing times and critical cyber security initiatives are vital to organizations today. vCISO’s communicate clearly with SecOps to maintain a strong security perimeter for your organization.
  • Without a comprehensive and persistent risk monitoring solution, organizations will remain susceptible to a variety of cyberattacks. A vCISO considers and implements the Digital Risk Monitoring strategy to defend against the ever-expanding attack surface.
  • Our vCISO solution will liaise with your IT team, senior management and procurement staff to oversee your cyber security infrastructure. By doing so will spare the expense and need for a full-time and physically present traditional CISO.
  • By overseeing your IT staff, the vCISO will ensure regulatory compliance while maximizing your organization's cyber security perimeter.
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