Managed Threat Detection

Eradicate cyber threats through proactive hunting and screening 24x7.

The benefits of working with us

Move forward with business as usual while Resecuritytm hunts for and investigates cyber threats. Your security initiative receives premium lifecycle treatment capabilities to optimize your security program. With Resecuritytm identifying threats and examining the depth and extent of these threats, your team will have the information to respond quickly with containment measures.

The benefits of working with us

Our Customer-Tailored Approach

Understanding our customer expectations enables Resecuritytm to plan a complete visibility endpoint to detect and eradicate threats related to your security environment and program.

A Constant Elimination Of Threats

When we detect a threat within a customer’s environment, we apply all that we learn to our entire customer base, enabling us to provide unparalleled management of threat detection.

Resecurity Managed Detection
Resecurity tm Managed Detection

Leveraging advanced EDR technology include research and mitigation skills. This offers a set of data in real-time analytics, which we balance with the world’s leading intelligence library. Our response capabilities are customized to your digital security environment.

Resecurity tm Combines World-Class MSS To Provide Leading MDR

By combining world-class MSS, the elite Resecuritytm team and platform are able to provide industry-leading automated threat detection, response capabilities, threat intelligence and powerful MSS and MDR analytics.

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