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Resecurity Context, a next-generation digital forensics platform (platform-as-a-service), enables law enforcement, forensics experts, and intelligence analysts to accelerate the investigations and digital forensics life cycle in real time by optimizing time-consuming operations. The platform provides comprehensive forensics reports with additional analytical information useful for deep-dive investigations and supports numerous file formats for desktop, mobile platforms and cloud-based environments for further research.

Resecurity Risk, a comprehensive enterprise risk management solution, proactively identifies, quantifies, forecasts and mitigates digital risks targeting your enterprise from internal and external sources. This solution enables CISOs, risk managers, and security professionals to analyze the key metrics and overall score of the enterprise ecosystem security posture and determine what actions are needed in order to improve it. Where the score indicates potential security issues, Resecurity Risk provides actionable intelligence to direct remediation and the risk management process... Please continue the article at the source


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