New companies commit to Cybersecurity Tech Accord principles | In a new initiative signatories highlight how they “live” the principles day in and day out



“Resecurity® is excited to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. We share the same commitment to helping global enterprises identify and defend against malicious threats, making the world a safer place,” said Gene Yoo, CEO at Resecurity®. “In today’s dynamic threat landscape, organizations must have situational intelligence into what’s going on inside and outside of their network environments to truly protect themselves. In partnership with Cybersecurity Tech Accord, we continue our mission of enabling enterprises and governments to combat and prevent cyber threats.”

“INFINIT Consulting is excited to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord” said Jerod Powell, Founder & President, “Our participation goal is to advocate for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and ensure their security protection interests are prioritized while risks are effectively eradicated.” Powell continued, “SMBs are the largest collective employer and revenue contributor to just about every GDP worldwide, yet, most cybersecurity solutions are geared towards the large enterprise. For security to become truly ubiquitous, it must be driven from the ground up – starting with SMBs.”... Please continue the article at the source


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