Golden Bridge Awards 2018: Resecurity® has been named a Gold Winner in Forensics Innovations



The award is one of a series of awards won by Resecurity® in recent weeks. In addition to four Golden Bridge awards, Resecurity® has also been awarded the Cyber Defense 2018 Global Award for "Hot Company Forensics" for Resecurity® Context™ and Resecurity® Risk™ was awarded Cyber Defense Best Product Digital Footprint Security.

"Our mission was to build a next-generation platform with a unique digital forensics framework which will help law enforcement, fraud investigators and risk managers, DFIR experts and cyber threat intelligence analysts to accelerate the pre- and post-analysis lifecycle, making their work more effective and scalable and, crucially, more cost and time-efficient. Resecurity® is an intelligence-driven company with a great team of experts, who understand the vital role of data in digital forensics and ongoing computer-crime investigations. We are proud to have been honored with these awards," says Charles Yoo, President of Resecurity®.

Resecurity® Context™ is now being utilized by leading Fortune 500 corporations and governments. In order to enable commercial organisations to take full advantage of next-generation forensics tools, Resecurity® developed Context™ in close consultation with law enforcement agencies and security professionals in order to deliver maximum value in the solving of real-life cases in operational work... Please continue the article at the source


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