Gene Yoo, CEO Of Resecurity Inc: Helping Clients Protect Themselves From Cyberthreat


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Gene Yoo, CEO of US-based Resecurity Inc, explains why the integration of cyber threat intelligence is a must for companies and consumers, and what sets the firm apart from the crowd as it grows its business from LA to the Middle East.

What exactly is Resecurity and what is the mission behind it?

Resecurity is a Los Angeles-based cybersecurity and intelligence company. Our mission is to enable businesses and consumers to protect themselves from emerging cybersecurity threats and to prevent risks related to data breaches, network intrusions, and identity theft. At the core of our technology, we cultivated the concept of a SaaS-delivered platform designed to secure enterprises of any size. Our solution combines extended detection and response (XDR)/endpoint protection, cyber threat intelligence, and digital risk management, enabling our customers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to governments to protect their ecosystems.

As a US-based cybersecurity and intelligence company, how are you building success and recognition in the Middle East?

The success of our business is based on our partners and well-established sales channels in the region. We have successfully implemented a partner, affiliate, and technology program designed for managed security service providers (MSSPs), valued-added resellers (VARs), and system integrators focused on cybersecurity. The Middle East contains a lot of talent with a unique culture and vision, which is why we are truly excited to grow our business across the region and succeed together.

Currently, Resecurity has a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Qatar, with an extensive network of strategic partners across the Middle East and Gulf specifically. Resecurity sees great growth potential in the region and is prioritizing it as one of the strategic markets for solutions delivery.

Resecurity has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies. What gives you an edge over other competitors in the market?

At the Intersec 2022 conference held in Dubai, Resecurity was named “The Most Outstanding Endpoint Protection” and recognized as one of the leading cybersecurity companies driving innovations in this space. We were recognized for our deep industry expertise and the advanced AI and machine learning technologies we’re leveraging to give organizations the competitive edge against adversaries. Our endpoint protection platform streamlines seven commonly used security tools into one dashboard and actionable reports. This allows administrators to reduce potential blind spots and security gaps by quickly seeing in-depth analysis and specific artifacts obtained through the dark web, botnets activity, network intelligence and high-quality threat intelligence data.

In your opinion, why should businesses integrate cyber threat intelligence into their operations?

Cyber threat intelligence is similar to an anti-missile system, but for cyber. We live in an extremely dynamic and constantly changing threat landscape, which is why it’s critical for enterprises to have effective solutions that enable them to react and respond quickly to emerging security challenges. Resecurity delivers a next-generation cyber threat intelligence solution, enabling our customers to create their own cyber threat intelligence center or cyber fusion center and to accelerate the activity of their security operations center (SOC).

Leveraging big data and cutting-edge AI/machine learning, we aim to deliver actionable insights covering dark web, malicious network activity, targeted attacks, and cyber espionage campaigns leveraging new tactics, techniques, and procedures. To support that and to minimize false positives, Resecurity has a strong human intelligence (HUMINT) team. The team researches the new trends in various regions across the globe, working closely with investigators and threat hunters to detect new foreign adversaries and their campaigns. Throughout, the team’s intelligence work is based on our customers’ needs.


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