Cyber Threat Intelligence for Malaysia’s Digital Transformation


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The growing role of cybersecurity in the ICT market

Malaysia has been referred to as a ‘quiet leader in cybersecurity. While the Global Cybersecurity Index reported Malaysia having strengths in cybersecurity policies and international alliances, it also noted shortcomings in its cyber defense capabilities. Accordingly, the country is amping up its technical infrastructure, cyber defense skills and digital ecosystem visibility to combat the increased cyber threats that will come with its ICT growth.

“Malaysian organizations should expect to see an increased focus and requirements regarding cybersecurity and threat intelligence as the country invests in the ICT market. Specifically, this type of threat intelligence will be critical for Malaysia’s law enforcement, military and defense sectors as they also prepare for the increase of cyberattacks that will come with the country’s digitization,” said Christian Lees, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Resecurity Inc, U.S.-based cybersecurity and intelligence company protecting Fortune 100 companies globally.

Today, the Malaysian government’s ICT cybersecurity laws and policies are still being drafted, revised, and reviewed to align with regional and international standards. However, Malaysian law enforcement and defense organizations are already investigating cyber threat intelligence partners that can improve detection and response time, monitor real-time cyber threats and increase visibility across their digital ecosystems.

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